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The Kayakers Guide - Giant Flathead in The Shallows (Digital Download)

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Join me for a mind blowing adventure into the shallows chasing Australia's most targeted estuary sports fish, the Dusky Flathead... But not just any Duskies, I'm revealing the GIANTS!

These are the LEGENDS OF THE FLATS, the class of fish that have their stories told and retold amongst families and fisherman forever.

In this DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO, I share some of the most exciting and effective approaches to hooking these beasts, in hope of helping you tune your own game to make these dream sized Duskies a reality!

This video unlocks one of Australian Estuaries BIG FISHING MYSTERIES! You'll be blown away watching these techniques in action.

This is a Full HD video 1080p @ 60fps. It's almost 7Gb in size. I recommend downloading this video to a tablet or computer with a blue ethernet cable connected for faster/continuous download.

Approx Running Time: 72mins