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Soft Glide Lure

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Soft Glides catch fish that most anglers only ever dream about. After 20+ years of designing and testing lures, I’m putting my best lures in your hands. It can be fished slowly and simply to remarkable effect, creating those hair-raising memories that’ll last a lifetime. I want you to realise the big dusky dream!
The Soft Glide’s unique features trigger trophy sized fish.
  • Ultra responsive tail with its 225mm realistic fish profile
  • Level fall in the water puts this lure in a class of its own
  • Longer casting range
  • More hook points, a custom built XEWG worm hook, rigged with a twist lock, lumo beads and two 4X super sharp trebles
  • Extra large scent chamber
  • Large holographic eyes
  • Swims like it’s got a heart beat.
Each packet contains:
• 1 fully rigged Soft Glide
• 2 spare bodies
Spare Rigging available Click Here
Check out the QR code on the packet for My Guide To Fishing Soft Glides where I share my best tips to ramp up your Giant Flathead fishing to another level.